What if I Defect (Film)

What if I Defect was written and directed by Robby Monroe, and stars Robby Monroe, Shelise Hufstetler, Ricardo Dal Moro, and Alexa Schnoblen. The movie is expected to release later this year, and was produced by Baird Media and Red7 Entertainment.

In the meantime, here are some screenshots from the film as well as the first three promotional posters.

Daniel and Olivia meet up at the side of the highway.
Daniel and Olivia dance under the stars
Daniel (Robby Monroe)  has dinner with Olivia (Shelise Hufstetler) and Tammy (Dorene Lorenz)

Daniel Carmichael was a young, twenty-something who met and fell in love with Brooke, a girl who seemed to be his kindred spirit, and everything he ever hoped to find in a partner. He lost himself in her, and when she suddenly breaks off their engagement, he's left questioning what it means to live, to love, and to believe. His entire core completely and utterly shaken, Daniel sets out to win her back, and reclaim his lost soul, but will fate have other plans?

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