Getting to know our team: ROBBY MONROE

CEO, Founder: Red7 Entertainment

Robby Monroe began his career as an illustrator, working on both comic books and children's books before transitioning to writing and directing books and films. His notable credits include The Romance of the Seventh Dhalmir novel series, the Camp Maranatha and Girdweird comic series, and the feature films What if I Defect? and My Sweet Treason.

Robby also served as a visual effects artist and editor for the CW, ABC, and Fox Alaska, creating graphics packages, public service announcements, and advertisements for hundreds of clients throughout the states of Alaska and Georgia.

Acting Credits:
  • Anthony's Morning (Short)                                                                  "Jack"
  • No Way Out (Feature)                                                                      "Robber"
  • What if I Defect? (Feature)                                                                "Daniel"
  • My Sweet Treason (Feature)                                                             "Daniel"

Film Writing Credits:
  • Anthony's Morning (Short)                                                                  Writer
  • What if I Defect? (Feature)                                                                  Writer
  • My Sweet Treason (Feature)                                                               Writer

Film Editing Credits:
  • Anthony's Morning (Short)                                            CRAZ Entertainment
  • Battered (Feature)                                                                         Baird Media
  • Strange Company (Feature)                                                         Baird Media
  • Shattered (Feature)                                                                       Baird Media
  • What if I Defect? (Feature)                                              Red7 Entertainment
  • My Sweet Treason (Feature)                                           Red7 Entertainment

Directing Credits:
  • Anthony's Morning (Short)                                                            Co-Director
  • What if I Defect (Feature)                                                                     Director
  • My Sweet Treason (Feature)                                                                Director